Bespoke Mount Making in London

Mounting artwork, especially works on paper, forms a key part of the framing process. At Cane and Davis, we only use conservation grade materials, so that your artwork is kept in a stable, protective environment.

Window Mounts

For traditional works on paper, a window mount is an essential element, for both aesthetic and protective purposes. Also known as a 'Passe-Partout' or Mat, in comprises of two boards. The float board, which the artwork is attached to, and the window, which creates a boarder around the visible image and ensures the artwork is kept away from the glass for its own protection. The two boards are hinged together along one edge using either a conservation gummed white paper tape or linen tape. We produce these mounts with outstanding levels of accuracy, using our state-of-the art computerised mount cutter.

Floated Mount

This method of mounting is perfect you want to display the whole artwork, for example if you want the feathered edges of an original print to be visible. The technique involves using special, fully reversible, conservation rag tapes to hold the artwork down on a mount board. These are specially selected depending on the characteristics of the artwork and the mount board is carefully colour matched, to compliment paper used for the artwork. This method of presentation creates a visible boarder around the image and the use of spacers, called fillets, to lift the glass away from the image, providing a great sense of depth. It gives a contemporary feel and can be used in conjunction with other kinds of mounting.

French Mount

French mounting is the process of adding lines and washes to a window mount to compliment and enhance the picture being framed. This type of mount is especially effective on water-colours of old masters drawings

Mount Cutting Machine

Our state-of-the-art Wizard computerised mount cutter allows us to create tailored mounts quickly and with incredible accuracy. It also allows us to create intricate designs with a variety of shapes, lines, v-grooves and writing. We can even cut lettering and bespoke designs imported from an illustration file and are able to cut bulk orders in a very short space of time.

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